How to know my IP address?

Many information technology devices need an identity. The ability to communicate with the computer network is known as IP that means Internet Protocol. The unique address is given to the information technology devices like smartphones, routers, modems, printers, scanners, television etc. The exclusive numbers show My IP details with the country, state, city and where the IP is located. Internet Service Provider helps to identify the unique number in the information devices. 

How to identify my IP on a smartphone?

All smartphones have the unique identification number which is called IP for that mobile phone. The MAC address is used for defining the IP address in every smartphone. It can verify by using the option given in the setting panel of each mobile. Navigation needs to settings and where can see the About device option. Then click status where my IP is displayed with some information about the mobile phone. Now finding the IP address in the mobile phone is an easier way. For more mobile operators provide the public IP address for each mobile phone.

Then the assigned IP address is traceable for all device. Without the firewall protection, it is possible for tracing this my IP address. The unique identifier of all network connection explained by internet protocol only. Nowadays 100% fast and simple method to find the IP address in the internet service provider is easy. 

The fundamental Information about my IP:

The set of numbers ranging between the number 0 to 255 is basic in each IP address. Generally, IP consists of numbers separated with a dot(.). For example, it looks like This is not same for all device and it will change frequently. It helps to access the internet easily with the network. Computers virtual address is known as my IP which only helps to allow each operation like downloading information, images, documents and data from the web. Information or data pass through the one device to another device with the identifier of both sender and receiver is identified by Internet Protocol (IP). Real-world location is the base of the IP address.