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The general form of IP address

Generally, the IP address is assigned to the routers and which is also known as Internet Protocol. The IP address is both the form of a local and private IP address. Phone or computer must have an IP address for connecting with the network. There is a need for real IP address where the IP address allows the user to identify IPv4 and IPv6 addresses. Knowing the IP address is important for online gaming as well as technical support. By using the remote desktop connectivity IP address is most crucial access. The different protocol uses the IP address to designate the network connection. The static IP address is defined as This is the static IP address which is functioning the device with online. 

The configuration setup of my IP:

The basic use of any mobile phone, computer, etc doubts what’s my IP. So, there is a need to know my IP of each one who is using the information technology devices. Usually, broadband runs on the following IP address from to It is used in all gateway address in the broadband configuration. It is the main gateway configuration with the local connection. This type of configuration persists the limitation while using the IP address. More than seven computer or other information devices connected with this IP address leads to the limitation in performance. Because the signal interference and bandwidth sharing are difficult during the more connectivity of local devices. is the dotted decimal notation to identify what’s my IP in the local connectivity. It is corresponding to the binary number 11000000 10101000 00000000 00000000. This binary number is not in the form of human readable. So, the identification is needed for using the IP address. Hence, the computer language which converts to the human-readable form of It is the network number and where the network information is shared with any other devices like router etc.

The private IP address configured with the IPv4 address like More IP addresses in the private network are ended with 0. There is the convention is not a matter. But the IP is the network identity of each device connected with local or else private is also important.